Star Wars: Titans of the Universe

Site Rules

  • Use proper grammar and sentence structure PLEASE!!  This is not an instant messenger or chat room.  The other players don't want to have to try and decipher what you wrote.  This is an example of proper writing technique.  USE IT!!  Spelling correctly would be nice but is not necessarily a requirement.  I'm not talking about the occasional typo, everyone does that.  I'm talking about 'ur teh bestest!"  Don't do it!
  • Many of these story lines will be complex and mentally challenging.  Those with an imagination will find this area very inviting.  
  • This is not a site to harass other people.  We are here to have fun role playing.  Abuse of this rule may result in your immediate and permanent banning. 
  • Please leave drama at home.  This is not real life, this is roleplaying.  Don't come here and post all of your life problems.  We don't care as much as your friends will.  That's what they're for right? 
  • You are required to give the other players some reaction time.  You can do this in one of two ways.  You can semi-auto their character and adapt to the changes they make, or if they post more regularly you can allow them time to post their own reaction.  We will not tolerate other players taking complete control of characters that are not their own without express permission.  The basic saves are Reflex, Will, and Fortitude.  Every character has them to different strengths and should be granted time to make use of them. 
  • IE:  An Aramandii Warrior is surprise attacked by a stormtrooper from behind.  The Aramandii has already failed to reflex away from the attack therefore the stormtrooper is able to do as he pleases attack wise.  The stormtrooper's objective is to capture the Aramandii alive so he decides to try and grapple the man to the ground.  The Aramandii may now react to the attack.  The Aramandii is a warrior of great strength so he uses that to remain standing.  As a second action in the turn the Aramandii also decides to dislodge his attacker by grabbing him and pulling him over his shoulder.  Now it is the stormtrooper's turn to react.  The stormtrooper swiftly realizes he is outmatched in the contest of strength when he finds himself being pulled off the ground.  He decides that it would be wiser not to resist the Aramandii's strength and instead uses his injector ring to fill the Aramandii with a tranquilizing poison before he is thrown to the ground.  It would not be particularly feasible for the Aramandii to notice the injector ring so he instead chooses to ignore the damage and attack again.  He leaps forward driving two of his elbows into the prone trooper and clasping his other pair of arms together to make a fist and punch the stormtrooper in the chest breaking several ribs.  Because he has attacked instead of fleeing he can realize that he is in trouble as the poison begins to take affect.  He decides to attack again with his fists and use his other set of arms to pull out his comlink and send a message to his companion for help.  The stormtrooper is unlikely to get very far as he is stunned from being thrown into the ground and has several broken ribs but the Aramandii also can't escape because he is poisoned and on the brink of passing out.  Now it is up to the player's next actions to decide who will escape and who will be captured. 
  • You can not God-mode.  No character is completely invicible to harm.  The more power your character has the more weakness he has.  Clever players will be able to bury this well enough that they can maintain a facade of invincibility, but it is only that, a facade.  You are not required to post your character's weakness' on their profile but they must have some form of them. 
  • Clones are not automatic scape goats.  If you wish to have a clone then you must specify that clone's creation before making use of them.  You cannot automatically have a clone.  If you wish to have one you must contact Camino at some point.  Or better yet, go there yourself so they can actually get ahold of your DNA and create a clone of you.  Without some mention of this any posts mentioning the possession of a clone will be deleted and the player will receive a strike for God-moding.  
  • If at any time you need to speak to another player directly you may use OOC (Out of Character) and IC/BIC (In Character/Back in Character.)  It helps the game to flow if you don't over use this so try to keep it to a minimum. 
  • Don't post spam or random links. 
  • Please use polite language and avoid derogatory terms.  It takes more imagination to express yourself otherwise. 
  • Please try to keep your posts clean.  We understand that there is fighting and battle in the galaxy and that characters will get hurt but you don't need to be graphic with your description.  Trust me, we get the picture.
  • Please do not bring sexually explicit content into the site.  This is not to say you cannot have characters who share feelings for one another.  You can easily express this through day to day actions without going into extreme detail over what is going on behind the scenes. 
  • As previously mentioned those who don't follow these rules are risking their continued membership.  They will either be warned first and then banned upon continuation of rule breaking, or they will be banned without warning.  We don't want to have to tell everyone over and over again what the rules are.  Thank you for abiding by them and consider yourself forewarned.  
(Now that you understand the rules your ready to create your character.  Simply click here to get started.  If you need an example of a character sheet, feel free to look at another player's.)